About us

Perhaps your company has gone through or is going through the greatest test it has ever faced. Have you found that your configured processes are not fully functional? Are you lacking administrative leaders who can run the company in times of crisis and looking for ways that have never been tried before? As owners, you may be surprised by the lack of employee loyalty to the company at a time of ongoing economic turmoil. Maybe this is the right time to restructure the company and find new ways. In times of crisis, non-working mechanisms always come to light which are intended to teach us for future decisions The world is changing. Many of the mechanisms in place will probably no longer work the same way. Many foreign managers will also return to their countries one day and your company will have to look for and find new talent, especially on the Czech market.

The company Talent executive search specializes in finding candidates for key job positions for the private sector, the so-called PRIVATE BUSINESS From the beginning of our cooperation, we will prepare a SWOT analysis of your company and look at the correct presentation of your company (PR). After all, we are talking about acquiring and retaining top employees.

We are accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the Czech Republic in the field of: “Subject of the permit to the citizens of the Czech Republic, to the citizens of the EU / EEA. Finding a job for a natural person applying for a job and finding employees for an employer looking for a new workforce ”.

Our team of experienced consultants has been looking for the right people for you in the job market since 1997. We find candidates for job positions throughout the Czech Republic and in Europe.  We constantly monitor new opportunities, the development of the labor market and trends in the personnel area, we follow the assignments and wishes of our clients.

Who will take care of you? It is important for us that you will always be sure that we understand the industry for which you are looking for the right person well!


Mgr. Klára Grunsberg
Director, Czech Republic


Patsy Southway
Managing Director, Great Britain

IT technologie

Robin Grunsberg
Consultant, Czech Republic

History of our company.

  • 1997 Establishment of the HR agency
  • 1998 Establishment of cooperation with the Board of Directors of Johnson and Johnson in the Czech Republic
  • 2000 Establishment of cooperation with the founders of the company Oskar (today Vodafone)
  • 2000 Establishment of cooperation with Telefónica Czech Republic
  • 2014 Establishing cooperation with TIELC s.r.o.
  • 2018 Accreditation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
  • 2018 Establishing cooperation with DHL Czech Republic
  • 2018 Establishing cooperation with Accenture Czech Republic
  • 2018 Establishing cooperation with Škoda Auto a.s.
  • 2020 Establishment of cooperation with Pallatium Company s.r.o.